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Kyla + Mark

Wedding on the 26th November at GoMA, Brisbane.

Daniel + Carlie

Wedding on 7th August at Khayangan Estate, Uluwatu, Bali

Toya + Lachlan

Wedding on November 10th at Stanthorpe, QLD.

Athena + Matt

Wedding on the 20th July at Maleny, QLD.

Veronica + Luke

Wedding on 26th October at Anketell Forest, Northern NSW.

Kate + Nick

Wedding on 20th July at Toowoomba, QLD.
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About Me

I have been a photographer for many years now, originally based in London as a fashion photographer, I moved to Australia in 1997.  I have focused my passion for photography primarily towards weddings.

My unique style of photography tells the story of your day from all angles.  With regard to your wedding photography, I am a big fan of trying to cover as much of your wedding day as possible.  That is why I do not offer coverage of only a ‘Couple of Hours’.  The photographs are the only visual memory that you have for the future and I believe the perfect memories are made when I am there to capture the whole experience from the bride getting ready to the party at the end!

I also understand the importance of a budget when you are searching for a wedding photographer.  With my price list, what you see is what you get.  The price includes GST and there are no hidden charges.  All my packages include a CD of full resolution images.  I have therefore tailored my package prices to reflect this.  However, if you would like to change your options, please let me know as I am very flexible in this regard.




“Whilst you did encourage me to climb the dam wall in my wedding dress, this photo is amazing! You made our wedding day special, lots of fun and relaxed. Thanks for your creativity, passion, professionalism and great attitude – your unique  spin on wedding photography has given us photos that we love to show off. Each of our photos tells a story and shows great expression; they really do tell a thousand words.We appreciate the timeless effort you put into your work – you are an amazing and accomplished photographer.”  Angela + Jason

 ”Cory immediately made me feel like one of my mates was doing our photography, he was unobtrusive and I felt completely relaxed and able to be myself. It made for the most fantastic day and the end results were beautiful, atmospheric and captured the feeling of love on the day” Matt 

“Cory is the perfect wedding photographer because he brings a calm confidence with him, along with an incredible eye for detail and a great sense of humour. We feel like he really listened to us when we said we didn’t want ‘traditional’ photos. Our photos were everything we hoped for – romantic, vintage, quirky and dramatic. The weather wasn’t our friend that day, and only Cory could have turned a cloudy grey sky into something so stunning. Thank you!” Athena

“We had done a lot of planning and research into every aspect of our wedding and I had spent many days searching the internet looking at websites for photographers. I then came across your website which had wedding photos like I had never seen before. I was very excited when you were available to do our wedding. As our chapel and reception venue was lovely but a bit too far from anywhere we thought would make exceptional photos I figured they would be beautiful to us nothing too out of the ordinary. Boy was I wrong! Everyday I look at our photos and appreciate how unique and stunning they are. Not only did Dennis and I think our photos were incredible, everyone we have shown have commented on how amazing they are. Even one of my very bridesmaids who paid over 4 times what we did for an “award winning” photographer asked if she could swap wedding photos. Not only do we have these fabulous photos to remember they day but we got to share it with both Renee and yourself which made it all the more enjoyable and special. I can confidently say that having you guys there helped make our day better than we could have imagined.  Thankyou so much!”  Bonny + Dennis

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“I’m passionate about what I do

. . .Every wedding is different,
it should be as individual as you are”


Contact Information

Please get in touch with me for any information about your photographic needs.

Or if you just want to chat about all things wedding.

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